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With A Youth Development Focus

Finally! An Incentive That Works...

Quality Time And Awesome Experiences Motivate Kids More Than Anything Else

Teachers and school administrators are continually looking for ways to provide positive reinforcement to keep students moving in the right direction.


Many have tried to reward students for good behavior by providing tangible items like small toys or cool-looking school supplies.

But how much motivation can a glitter pencil provide? Others have tried boosting students’ self-esteem by offering badges and trophies that eventually end up as clutter on a refrigerator or the top shelf of a bedroom closet.


Youngsters in the early elementary school years are not as complicated as we think. Quality time in the form of unforgettable experiences remains at the top of the list of motivators for students at this age. 


Help students in your school get and stay on the right track by building an incentive program around amazing experiences that are not easily forgotten.

Health Benefits of Physical Activity for Children
  • Academic Performance – Improves attention and memory

  • Brain Health – Reduces risk of depression

  • Muscular Fitness – Builds strong muscles and endurance

  • Heart and Lung Health - Improves blood pressure and aerobic fitness

  • Cardiometabolic Health - Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels

  • Long-term Health - Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity

  • Bone Strength - Strengthens bones

  • Healthy Weight - Helps regulate body weight and reduce body fat

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